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December 5, 2016
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A generous award for SP200: Study Abroad--Spain 2013

Jun 18/12

The Dean of Arts has awarded $6,000 to SP200: Study Abroad to further enhance the student experience for Spain in 2013. SP200 is a 1.0-credit annual intensive language and culture immersion course that is led by a Laurier supervising professor.

Dr. John W. Schwieter, associate professor of Spanish and linguistics and supervising professor of SP200 said, “I am extremely happy to hear of this generous award intended for SP200 students participating in 2013. This grant, along with other recent funding developments such as SP200 scholarships suggest that the next five years will be just as successful as the first five.”

This timely award comes just weeks after SP200 celebrated its 5th year anniversary and just before it takes its 100th student abroad in 2013.

The grant will fund a three-day encore experience in Barcelona (a destination not originally included in the SP200 package). Dr. Schwieter stated, “I decided that the addition of Barcelona would provide students with an even deeper exposure to the linguistic and cultural diversity of Spain and would effectively extend our program and learning community across the entire country.”

For more information about SP200: Study Abroad, visit:

For the 2013 SP200 brochure, visit:
SP200 Brochure

Congratulations, 2013 SP200: Study Abroad students!

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