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December 8, 2016
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The noodle date. The Annual Senior (11/12) German High School Contest 2014

May 27/14

17 high schools students from four different high schools of the Waterloo region (Rockway Mennonite Collegiate , Galt Collegiate Institute, Bluevale Collegiate Institute and Concordia German Languages School) competed in the categories grammar, audio-visual understanding, composition and oral competency at the Department of Languages & Literatures on May16. 

This year the audio-visual component was based on a popular skit by Germany’s most famous humourist Loriot: the attempt of a tough playing businessman in an Italian restaurant  to declare his love to his companion, who gets very intrigued – but not with his elaborate love rhetoric, but with a noodle, which, unnoticed by its “owner”, keeps plaguing his face. In view of the upcoming international athletic super event this year’s composition topics were “The Soccer World Cup” and ”Food and Drink”.

As it has happened in previous years, three of the participants will come back as Laurier students in the Fall. The German section of the Department of Languages & Literatures is proud to have hosted and witnessed their first academic  achievements here at Laurier.  

The deserved contest winners are:

Regular Category: Cassi Lam (Concordia German Language School)

Advanced Category: Helen Schreyer (Concordia German Language School)

School Trophy: Bluevale Collegiate (Teacher: Linda Jung)

High cash prizes for the top ranking students will be awarded by the German-Canadian Business and Professional Association of Kitchener-Waterloo in October.

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