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June 24, 2017
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Dr. Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts selected as one of the first Laurier’s Teaching Fellows

Dec 2/13

Dr. Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts selected as one of the first Laurier’s Teaching Fellows

The Laurier Teaching Fellowship Program is designed to: recognize individuals for their educational leadership and teaching excellence, promote innovative teaching and learning practices across the university and facilitate dialogue and collaboration among faculty on teaching learning and student success.

Laurier's Teaching Fellows are individuals who have demonstrated exceptional contributions to teaching and learning and have established an exemplary record of achievement in educational leadership. The Fellowship will enable Fellows to pursue an individual program of activities designed to enhance teaching quality and, as well, will establish a network of excellent teachers who will collaborate to promote teaching excellence and student success across the university community.

As part of the Fellowship, Dr. Rowinsky-Geurts will receive $10,000 per annum in support of the proposed program of activities (e.g., expenses associated with hiring a teaching or research assistant, purchasing educational technology or teaching and learning resources, data collection/analysis, travel to conferences, or hosting an educational event.

Dr. Rowinsky-Geurts has championed the initiative of creating active learning classrooms at Laurier with the support of the VP Academic and Provost, Dr. Deb MacLatchy, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Michael Carroll, the VP Teaching and Learning, Dr. Pat Rogers and Sandy Hughes, Director of Teaching Support Services at Laurier. Her current project will focus on active learning techniques.

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