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October 25, 2016
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Dr. Schwieter begins work on “The Cambridge Handbook of Bilingual Processing”

Apr 26/13

Dr. John W. Schwieter, associate professor of Spanish and linguistics, has been contracted by Cambridge University Press to assemble “The Cambridge Handbook of Bilingual Processing.” This resource will provide a coherent and comprehensive understanding of the latest theories and findings regarding psycholinguistic and neurocognitive approaches to bilingualism and language acquisition. It will also serve as an informative “go-to” book which offers an overview for researchers interested in cognitive aspects of bilingualism and the logic behind its theoretical and experimental paradigm.

One peer reviewer commented: “I have an overwhelmingly positive impression of the scope of the book, its organization, its editor, its contributors, and the specific contributions they have committed to making. I have no doubt that it will be successful both as an authoritative scholarly work on bilingualism and as a handbook that sells well in relation to its competitors. I can’t wait to use it in my graduate seminar in bilingualism.”

The handbook will include over 30 chapters authored by nearly 70 international scholars in bilingualism. A second peer reviewer said: “The selection of contributors is outstanding. The vast majority of them are truly well-known leaders in the field and I’m actually surprised that Schwieter was able to get them all on board.”

“The Cambridge Handbook of Bilingual Processing” is organized around the following overarching themes and research areas:

1) theories and methodologies
2) language acquisition and development
3) language comprehension and representation
4) language production
5) language control
6) consequences of bilingualism

Dr. Schwieter will work on the handbook during his twelve-month sabbatical leave commencing July 1, 2013. To read more about his research, visit the Psycholinguistics and Language Acquisition Laboratory at:

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