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October 25, 2016
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Dr. Schwieter’s book released

Apr 3/13

Studies and global perspectives of second language teaching and learning (Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing) has just been released. This book edited by Dr. John W. Schwieter, associate professor of Spanish and linguistics, is the latest volume to appear in the Research in Second Language Learning series edited by JoAnn Hammadou Sullivan (University of Rhode Island). The volume features a diverse set of original studies and perspectives from researchers and language educators from around the globe while highlighting important theoretical and practical underpinnings of the second language classroom. Schwieter’s chapter in the book reports on the effect of language immersion experiences (SP200: Study Abroad) on second language lexical development and linguistic competence.

For more information about this book and other forthcoming books and articles by Dr. Schwieter, please visit the Psycholinguistics and Language Acquisition Laboratory website: and click on “research publications”.

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