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December 3, 2016
Canadian Excellence



Languages and Literatures

Book of the Year Award

Co-edited by Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts

Jan 14/13

Nelson Education awards Book of the Year to ¡Hola, amigos! Second Canadian Edition, Co-edited by Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts and Rosa Stewart (University of Victoria).

This edition has achieved 105% of the sales forecasted in the book proposal.
It's garnered 65% of its market share.
And the textbook almost always is purchased with a bevy of learning resources.

But, As Roberta Osborne, Senior Development Editor at Nelson Education Canada has explained:
"The award isn't based on sales alone! Our peers vote on which of the four nominees has achieved the highest standards of editorial excellence. Both co-editors did a phenomenal job on the second edition, and everyone at Nelson was aware of just how hard they had worked to make this book successful. There are very few textbooks that can claim such a rich suite of learning resources, including a suite of innovative technology products

Anne-Marie Taylor, Acquisitions Editor, Modern Languages, Political Science & Social Work wrote:
¡Hola, amigos! won Book of the Year and the whole team could not be more proud. What makes this prize so special is that not only is it judged on numbers but it is voted on by our peers in Editorial.
The book wouldn’t have even been considered if it wasn't for the outstanding work done by the co-editors on the second Canadian edition. We are truly thankful for your authorship and your dedication to providing the best resources to both students and instructors."

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