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December 2, 2016
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Éric Thériault, PhD candidate in psychology, to attend the CIHR Summer Program in Aging

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Apr 12/11

Éric  Thériault, PhD candidate in psychology, to attend the CIHR Summer Program in Aging
Éric Thériault, in his second year of doctoral studies in developmental psychology, was accepted to participate in the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Summer Program in Aging. Éric is examining the issue of gambling in this minority population of older adults. 

“The 2011 Summer Program in Aging will help me increase my research and academic skills in the field of aging, improve my abilities of collaboration, communication and professionalism and lastly, help broaden my perspective of the field of aging, by meeting, conversing and interacting with other researchers and graduate students in this field,” says Éric.

The annual Summer Program in Aging (SPA), inaugurated in 2006, is designed to offer students and post-doctoral fellows involved in aging research an advanced research training program that crosses disciplines, sectors, institutions and geography. The program addresses one or more of the CIHR Institute of Aging's research priorities in:

* Fundamental research
* Clinical research
* Health services research
* Social research

After finishing his doctorate, Éric hopes to continue in an academic setting His goal is to continue his research in this under-examined domain, and to disseminate his knowledge in an applied setting. Éric wishes to continue collaborative projects and work with various community-based organizations.

To find out more about the CIHR Institute of Aging and the Summer Program in Aging please access the Canadian Institutes of Health Research site:

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