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August 26, 2016
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Apr 25/12

The Department of Mathematics has been hard at work organizing MA218, a course in Euclidean Geometry, for the Fall Term of 2012.

While we may not realize it, the applications of geometry are all around us. Many branches of science and engineering depend on fundamental geometric concepts and tools. Computer graphics, robotics, medical imaging and structural engineering are all real-life examples of geometry in use.

For students, a systematic study of Euclidean Geometry could serve two purposes:
(1) For those who are interested in teaching Mathematics, it solidifies conceptual understanding of the subject, putting you several steps ahead of the material that you'll be teaching. You’ll make better presentations and have more freedom to adapt to curriculum changes.
(2) For those who are interested in learning more advanced mathematics, Euclidean geometry is the starting point for every branch of geometry, including hyperbolic, spherical, projective (all three are studied in MA318) and differential geometry (MA419). It provides the basic intuition underlying all of these more general geometries.

As of now, Senate approval of our course changes is pending. In 2012-13, we plan to offer both MA218 (Fall) and MA419 (Winter). Stay tuned for updates on approval and registration!

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