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August 29, 2016
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STUDENT INPUT REQUESTED - Sprummer courses, 2013

Oct 23/12

Sprummer courses, 2013

The Department must propose courses for Sprummer 2013 by mid-November, 2012.

Sprummer = Spring or Summer or Intersession. Sprummer 2013 courses begin in on 6 May 2013 and last for either six weeks (6 hours lectures per week) or twelve weeks (3 hours lectures per week. Sprummer courses receive the same support (labs or tutorials) as in the Fall and Winter.

The courses offered in Sprummer 2012 were MA 101, 103, 104, 121, 122, 129, 170, and 205. The Department will likely wish to offer all of these courses again.

Anyone who wishes to suggest one or more courses to be added to the Sprummer 2013 list should send a message to To help us keep track of who wants what, please provide your name and student number.

Thank you for expressing your preferences and helping us to offer the courses students want

Marc Kilgour, Chair
Department of Mathematics

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