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December 8, 2016
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Special Initiatives Fund announces successful applicants for Fall 2011

Jan 24/12

Laurier Brantford will see a number of new initiatives to enhance student life and community engagement this year thanks to the Special Initiatives Fund. In total, 16 projects were received funding including seven Brantford-projects, two multi-campus projects and seven projects specific to the Waterloo campus.

“I am extremely pleased with the quality of applications from staff and faculty in Brantford, and the projects which will be possible through this funding,” said Dr. Lesley Cooper, Principal of the Brantford Campus. “These unique projects are integral to the university experience for our students and our community, and I look forward to watching these projects take shape.”

Projects for the Brantford Campus which have received funding include:

Registrarial Services

Received funding to assist the Student Success Research Project. The project is focused on collecting qualitative data, primarily through focus groups and face-to-face interviews, to help students at risk. The results of this research specific to Laurier Brantford will serve to strengthen student supports and learning opportunities.

Registrarial Services

Received funding to assist the Brantford Retention Committee. The project is designed to build a campus culture oriented toward total student success. The committee will take a lead role in producing campus-wide events aimed toward enabling student success, as well as co-ordinating policy or procedural changes across multiple areas on campus that benefit student retention.

Accessible Learning

Received funding to assist with the Accessible Learning Resource Enhancements project to expand the resource library for staff and students.

Student Affairs

Received funding to assist with the Rainbow Alliance Promotional Awareness Materials project. The materials would represent acceptance, support and inclusion of the LGBTQ community at Laurier Brantford.

Registrarial Services

Received funding to assist with the Financial Literacy Awareness project. The project intends to create written material to inform local communities of all areas of financial literacy, including costs of post-secondary education and the financial resources that are currently available.

Learning Services Centre

Received funding to assist with Enhancement of Group Learning Support Technologies and to acquire a basic interactive whiteboard system (e.g. SMARTboard, iboard) for the Learning Services Centre at Laurier Brantford. This project will enhance academic support programming with more opportunity for application of skills.

Dean’s Office: Student Services

Received funding to assist with the Navigating & Enhancing an Exceptional Mature Student Education Experience program. This project supports the need to facilitate transition and integration of mature students into academic life at Laurier Brantford.

Waterloo & Brantford Campus

Aboriginal Student Support Services

Received funding to assist with the Aboriginal Student House Video Project. This video production will feature a virtual tour of the new Aboriginal Student House on Darling Street (Brantford campus) and the house on the Waterloo campus. This video will be used to promote Aboriginal Services and inter-cultural awareness of the Aboriginal population at Laurier.

Study Skills & S.I. Centre Learning Services

Received funding to assist with the Student Academic Success Workbook Series. This project is Phase 2 in the development of comprehensive study skills workshop resources. The project aims to develop practical activities that allow students to apply theory to practice to reinforce academic skill concepts and reinforce learning.

Special Initiatives Funding is made possible through University Development's unrestricted Annual Giving donations, and is typically awarded in the Spring and Fall of each year. The focus of this fund is to support special initiatives by faculty/staff for which other sources of funding are not readily available.

For more information about Special Initiatives Funding, including details about the funded projects specific to the Waterloo campus, please click here.

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