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December 3, 2016
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ITS and Laurier Bookstore/TechShop offer standard computer hardware options

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Jan 16/12

To enhance customer service across all Laurier locations, ITS and the Laurier Bookstore/TechShop have partnered with Dell Canada Inc. to offer all faculty and staff standard computer hardware options.

Beginning January 2012, all new orders for faculty or staff computers will be directed to the Laurier Bookstore/TechShop on the Waterloo campus or the TechShop on the Brantford campus.

This partnership will allow the Laurier community to purchase computer hardware at a discounted price, experience quicker turnaround times, the convenience of a campus location and ITS support for the standard models.

“Implementing university hardware standards is part of our service management strategic direction to improve service,” says Julie Topic, director, ICT support. “We look forward to improved computer deployment turnaround times, and ongoing support.”

The Laurier Bookstore/TechShop will carry an inventory of each of the standard computer models, which will be on display at both locations to allow staff and faculty to determine which model best suits their needs.

Single computers will be available for same-day purchase and bulk orders (over five computers) will be available within 10 business days.

To purchase add-ons or for specific requirements outside of the standard configurations, please contact one of the Laurier Bookstore contacts below for more information or to receive a quote.

Laurier TechShop (Brantford campus): Lynsay Wellhauser or ext. 5521

Laurier Bookstore/TechShop (Waterloo campus): Kerry Martin or ext. 3629

To view the standard Dell models available for purchase at the Laurier Bookstore/TechShop, please visit: Specifications and ordering instructions are also available via the above link.

To configure new computers, please make a request through the ITS Employee Service Desk by contacting:
ext. 4357 (Waterloo) or ext. 5725 (Brantford)

The next step for this initiative is the university-wide Employee Computer Hardware Evergreen program. This computer renewal program will incorporate these hardware standards for future deployment. More information about the Employee Computer Hardware Evergreen program will be provided later this year.

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