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October 26, 2016
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Laurier Brantford

Laurier Brantford celebrates National Philanthropy Week

Nov 14/11

With signs, and volunteers handing out bookmarks and pens across campus, you may be wondering what ‘National Philanthropy Week’ is all about. National Philanthropy Week is an opportunity to bring awareness of how donations and philanthropy impact Laurier Brantford – and the student experience – each and every day. The few items we highlighted have been provided directly through donations, but they don’t come close to identifying all the opportunities donations have provided (it would have been hard to list every one of them), but they highlight - the sheer volume of impact that is realized through support from alumni, students, faculty & staff, parents, and friends.

These donations enrich the Laurier Brantford experience by providing the necessary enhancements that would not otherwise be possible. Whether it’s the computer you use, the building your classroom is in, the equipment you use in class, or the scholarship or bursary you may have received – all of these enhancements and much more are provided through donations.

These gifts are what make the difference between an average student experience, and an exceptional one; the kind of experience students come to Laurier for. It’s often hard to recognize all the people who collectively come together to make such a positive impact on the University – which is what National Philanthropy Week, is all about. On behalf of all members of the Laurier Brantford community, thank you to the thousands of donors who support the Laurier experience!

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