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December 4, 2016
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Brantford projects receive support from Special Initiatives Fund

Sep 12/11

Laurier Brantford will see a number of new initiatives to enhance student life and community engagement this year thanks to the Special Initiatives Fund. In total, 13 projects were received funding including 5 Brantford-projects, five multi-campus projects and three projects specific to the Waterloo campus.

“I am extremely pleased with the quality of applications from staff and faculty in Brantford, and the projects which will be possible through this funding,” said Dr. Lesley Cooper, Principal of the Brantford Campus. “These unique projects are integral to the university experience for our students and our community, and I look forward to watching these projects take shape.”

Projects which have received funding include:

· Find Your Feminism: Brantford – The F-Word Committee
The F-Word Committee at Laurier Brantford is committed to providing regular educational programming on feminist issues. Established in 2010 with a goal of raising awareness about feminism and providing educational opportunities (speaker series, workshops, film nights, etc…) that support women’s rights and promote gender equity on campus and in our community. This funding will be dedicated to a campaign which will invite students, faculty, staff, and key senior administrators who are active in promoting gender equity and women’s rights to talk about their feminism. These discussions will be developed into a series of posters to be displayed around Laurier Brantford, to be launched with an official unveiling and an education workshop for students to “Find Your Feminism.”

· Crime, Delinquency and the City: A Public Criminology Course
The discovery and transfer of knowledge among scholars and students, and into the community are the cornerstones of our university. Crime, Delinquency and the City will invite a series of internationally recognized scholars to present their research in a publicly accessible manner to a non-criminologist audience. Students enrolled in the course will be encouraged to bring one member of the community to each session, bridging the gap between the university and the community.

· Student Appeal Database Collection – Brantford Dean’s Office
The Dean’s Office is responsible for ensuring academic regulations are followed and accurate student records are maintained. This project will see an electronic student database created to keep track of student records including appeals. This electronic database will provide an overiew of a student’s entire career in one location, will allow for statistical data and reports to be easily generated, and will reduce printed documents supporting Laurier’s green initiatives.

· Academic Advising REACH Program – Brantford Dean’s Office
The REACH program is designed to target three student groups that would benefit from additional programming and targeted support: International students, Adult/Mature students and students who are struggling to meet the 7.0 Honours GPA required for graduation. The program will see one day a year for each group to received targeted information including a presentation from the academic advisors regarding academic regulations and resources available on campus and an in the community, an individual advising appointment and a social where students can meet their peers.

· Youth Leaders on Board – Leadership Program
The Youth Leaders on Board program is designed to enhance the leadership and governance knowledge, skills, and experiences of senior undergraduate students by providing the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors of local non-profit organizations. The project will further strengthen the linkages between the university and local organizations and meet an expressed desire of Boards for the youth perspective. Students will receive a one-day workshop on the roles and responsibilities of Board members, followed by a one-year placement.

· Four Seasons Indigenous Speaker Series – Aboriginal Student Support Services
The Four Seasons Indigenous Speaker Series will feature seven acclaimed Aboriginal speakers exploring current, and controversial issues, related to circumstances of Aboriginal peoples in Canada. Aboriginal Initiatives will work with faculty members to bring in keynote speakers that will enhance their courses, and provide opportunities for the public to engage in the current issues in Indigenous communities.

· E-Learning Software – Learning Services
Learning Services support and enhance students' academic experiences at Laurier. These services range from supplemental instruction for traditionally difficult courses, help to improve mathematical and writing skills, help studying for exams, improving time management, dealing with stress issues and special needs accommodations. Most of these services are delivered in small groups and individual consultation settings and are designed to encourage the sharing of ideas and peer learning. Through the purchase of software, Learning Services will be able to develop rich e-learning content that will be hosted on the Learning Services web site and allow for interactive learning outcomes through online workshops which will allow for immediate feedback to the student.

· Burst Your Bubble: Mental Health Awareness on Campus - Diversity and Equity Office
Burst Your Bubble will expand its volunteer base to ten, striving to increase mental health awareness on campus and decrease the stigma that is associated with mental illness. Intiatives include: encouraging completion of the Diversity Certificate program, guest speakers from mental health agencies and the community, and a large scale wrap up event at the end of the year designed to raise awareness, break down stigmas and raise funds for Burst Your Bubble and mental health organizations.

· Career Development Centre Video Project
The Career Development Centre has seen an increase in the number of students accessing current online videos on career related topics. As a result, this project will see the development of up to ten more videos, on topics including: critical tips for resumes; impactful behavioural interviews; labour market information; networking and dining etiquette; Alumni Sharing Knowledge program and informational interviews; salary negotiation strategy; transferable skills; career action steps, applying to graduate/professional education programs. These videos provide 24/7 access to career related information for students, alumni, staff and faculty.

Special Initatives Funding is made available from University Development's unrestricted Annual Giving donations, and is typically awarded in the Spring and Fall of each year. The focus of this fund is to support special initiatives by faculty/staff for which other sources of funding are not readily available.

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