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October 26, 2016
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Laurier announces changes to ITS management structure

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Nov 19/10

Laurier’s Information Technology Services (ITS) is realigning its management structure as part of an overall strategy to better serve the university’s current and future IT needs.

The changes are part of an organizational redesign that is based on the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strategic planning process that was begun in early 2009.

“The ICT review was a comprehensive and consultative exercise that enabled us to develop a clear strategy for improving Laurier’s ITS infrastructure and services,” said Tom Buckley, assistant vice-president: academic services. “While we still have major technical renewal work ahead, the realignment of our management structure will ensure that the appropriate decision-making structures, service models and work processes are in place to support the technical renewal and to provide the university with the most efficient and effective IT services, now and in the future.”

Key management changes announced today include:

• The creation of two director positions, replacing the single director role of the past. The two new positions include a director of ICT solutions and a director of ICT support, both reporting to the assistant vice-president: academic services.

• The development of two branches of ITS: one dedicated to ICT solutions and the other to ICT support, with each reporting to their respective director.

• The creation of a business operations unit to explore new ICT technologies and services, and to act as a liaison with clients from within the university who are seeking new ICT solutions or services.

• The creation of a manager of employee tech support for the Waterloo campus and Faculty of Social Work in Kitchener.

• A realignment of some duties and job titles among existing management positions, including a manager of tech support for Laurier Brantford and a manager of student tech support for the Waterloo campus and Faculty of Social Work in Kitchener.

The changes in management structure will be effective Dec. 1. The university will soon conduct employment searches to fill the two director positions and the new manager of employee tech support for the Waterloo campus.

Andrzej Gadomski, who has served as acting director of ITS since early 2009, will move to the new position of manager, business operations, once the new directors are in place.

“I want to express my sincere thanks to Andrzej for serving as acting director of ITS during a period of significant transition,” said Buckley. “Andrzej’s commitment and hard work have been much appreciated, and I am certain that he will continue to make a significant contribution to the university in his new role.”

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