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October 17, 2017
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Call for Submissions: Evaluation Committee for Vice-President: Student Affairs

Communications, Public Affairs & Marketing

Feb 26/14

David McMurray’s current term as vice-president: Student Affairs ends on May 31, 2015. In accordance with university procedures, an evaluation committee has been established to review the work of the incumbent and to make a recommendation regarding his renewal.

As part of the review process, submissions are invited from the university community, providing feedback on the incumbent’s contributions and performance during his term. In particular, input would be welcomed on how well the incumbent has met the needs and strategic priorities of the university and its stakeholders through his work in the role; his ability to adapt and lead change in the changing post-secondary education landscape; his alignment with the university’s vision for the future and demonstrated capacity to deliver on that vision.

Submission should be sent (in writing or via e-mail) to the committee secretary, Joanne Roberts, at, or c/o Human Resources, K302 by 4:30 p.m. on March 12, 2014.  

All submissions will be reviewed by the committee and will be regarded as confidential. Those submitting comments may request to remain anonymous to the members of the committee, but must identify themselves to the committee secretary. The names of those who wish to be anonymous will be deleted before the comments reach the committee.

Evaluation Committee Members:

Max Blouw: President & Vice Chancellor and Evaluation Committee Chair
Annie Constantinescu: undergraduate student representative
Stephen Franchetto: undergraduate student representative
Drew Saffran: undergraduate student representative
Ashley Coleman: graduate student representative
Paul Jessop: decanal representative (Dean, Faculty of Science)
Adam Lawrence: staff representative
Wally Gabler: staff representative
John Trus: external member of the Board of Governors
Robert Basso: elected by University Faculty Council (Social Work)
Rosemary McGowan: elected by University Faculty Council (Human & Social Sciences)
Christine Neill: elected by University Faculty Council (SBE)
Jennifer Robertson-Wilson: elected by University Faculty Council (Science)
Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts: elected by University Faculty Council (Arts)
Patricia Goff: Senate representative
Ashwani Peetush: Senate representative

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