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December 7, 2016
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History Students Association: Student Involvement and Diplomacy Games

by Jordan Burrows, HSA's Vice-President: Academic

Oct 6/11

    When you think of your experience at Laurier, what stands out to you? While student experience at any university is often as diverse as the students who attend it, it is almost impossible to imagine Laurier without its zealous student involvement. One look at our Orientation Week celebrations or Homecoming will show you that Laurier has spirit and plenty of students who want to do more than just learn in an academic way. This attitude is perhaps reflected best in the sheer number of student organizations and clubs on campus: we have more than 130 different student-run organizations that involve over 3000 students. No matter what it is a student likes to do, there’s an excellent chance they can find a group to do it with here at Laurier.

    The History Students’ Association is one such group where students can connect with other like-minded students, but it also offers more than just socializing. The HSA, unlike most student societies, is a faculty association, and is connected with the History Department. As such, it offers a number of academic events that focus on helping the students with their history courses and supplements their academic opportunities. From small scale writing workshops to large scale tri-university conferences and undergraduate publications, the HSA here at Laurier does the best it can to help students succeed in their degrees.

 Just because we have so many academic events, however, doesn’t mean that’s all we do. We have lots of social events as well, ranging from live Diplomacy games (sort of like Risk) to history-themed Halloween parties. These events tend to be popular with the faculty as well: This year, our Meet The Profs Night drew more professors and students than we had expected; the Wilf’s Den was completely packed, and our servers had trouble moving in and out!

    We offer a lot of events and academic support in the HSA, but it couldn’t be done if it weren’t for the enthusiastic support of our members. This year, we had record numbers of people come out for our year rep elections, many of whom were enthusiastic first-years. Every event we’ve held so far this year has also been well attended, including our writing workshop, which drew more than 70 people. Such an active student base makes planning and carrying out the events that we do rewarding and a whole lot of fun.

    If you’d like to get in touch with the HSA or be included in our mailing list, feel free to email us at We love to hear from alumni, and we’d be happy to talk about any suggestions or questions you may have for us.

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