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December 10, 2016
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Laurier students forgo shelter to raise awareness for youth homelessness

Mar 12/12


Katye Burkimsher, public relations coordinator, SBE Students’ Society,

From Sunday, March 11 to Friday, March 16, five Wilfrid Laurier University students will forgo all basic necessities in an attempt to raise awareness and support for the issue of youth homelessness in Waterloo Region.

With no disposable income and only the clothes on their backs, these five participants will be exposed to all types of weather conditions, relying solely on food and drink donations from passersby on campus. Participants will be located in front of the Fred Nichols Campus Centre located at 75 University Ave. W.

This event — called 5 Days for the Homeless Laurier — raised over $14,000 last year. The concept has garnered much support since its establishment in 2005 at the University of Alberta. Since then, the campaign has grown to include 17 universities across Canada with the goal of raising awareness for the issue of youth homelessness. This will be Laurier’s fifth year participating in 5 Days for the Homeless and the campaign team hopes to raise $15,000 and increase student recognition of the issue.

All money raised at Laurier will be donated to two local charities, Argus Residence for Young People and ROOF (Reaching Our Outdoor Friends) Kitchener. Both charities provide a range of services to youth aged 16-24 including 24-hour emergency shelters, outreach support programs, counseling, and training.

These next five days will provide participants with an unparalleled experience, which they will use to educate, inspire, and bring awareness of the issue of youth homelessness to the Laurier community. Your involvement will help spread this important message across the country.

To find out more and to support the campaign please visit

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