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December 7, 2016
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Lazaridis School of Business & Economics

Laurier SBE students advance to finals of NESTEA* The RecruitTM Competition

Mar 25/11


Megan Harris, Manager, Marketing & Communications, SBE

Congratulations to 3 of our BBA students! Sarmad Ahmad, George Bidzios and Gabriel Pirvu (make up Team Era), have advanced to the finals of the NESTEAŽ The RecruitTM Competition, against 7 other universities from across Canada. Finals take place in April.

For more information on the Competition visit:

For more information on our Laurier SBE team visit:

About the Competition

NESTEAŽ knows that university students across Canada are always looking for ways to use their creativity and knowledge to get ahead. NESTEAŽ The RecruitTM wants to give students this opportunity by creating the ultimate campus challenge!

University students are encouraged to use business smarts and marketing savvy to compete against other teams for the title of The RecruitsTM .

Teams of three students from the eight participating universities auditioned and were selected to participate in the contest.

Upon selection, all teams were flown to the Coca-ColaŽ' head office in Toronto on October 16th for National Training. Here they learned about the NESTEAŽ brand, business initiatives, and their partners Pizza Pizza, Pizza 73 and Coke's agencies. They were also briefed on their very first Challenge, which began immediately.

Modeled after the hit television show, "The Apprentice", NESTEAŽ The RecruitTM develops three "Challenges" that run the duration of the school year (large and common breaks are considered when creating the challenge timelines). Each Challenge teaches students relevant marketing skills across numerous disciplines including but not limited to: Social Media, Public Relations, Promotional Marketing and Experiential Marketing.

At the end of each Challenge, one team per school is eliminated. However, these teams do not walk away empty handed; they will be awarded an exit bonus based on their progression within the contest. As the number of teams in the competition decreases, the Challenges get larger in scale and more difficult proving the winning team deserving of the Grand Prize; a full year's tuition (up to $7,500) and a work term at Coca-ColaŽ or one of its partners, Pizza Pizza, Pizza 73 or an additional partner agency, valued at $12,500.

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