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December 11, 2016
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Lazaridis School of Business & Economics

WLU Debating Society hosts tournament

Feb 9/11


Megan Harris 519-884-0710 x2948

The WLU Debating Society (a club housed in the School of Business & Economics) hosted the 4th annual Seagram Invitational debating tournament in conjunction with the UW Debate Society at the Laurier Campus this past weekend. 42 teams from universities across Ontario and Quebec competed at the pro-am tournament, where first-time debaters were paired with more experienced competitors, a feature unique to this tournament. 

Notable competitors included the current Canadian British Parliamentary Champion and several World University Debating Championship debaters and judges. In a final round between Hart House and Carleton on the topic of virtues of licensing fees, the Hart House team was victorious. Amongst a highly competitive judging pool that included a former Chair of the World Championship Grand Final, Kate Solecki, a fourth year archaeology student here at Laurier was selected to chair the final round at the tournament, a huge accomplishment.

The entire weekend was a tremendous success and highlighted Laurier within its Centennial year, owing a lot to the commitment and dedication of the Organizing Committee: Peter Li (Tournament Director), Emily O'Brien (VP External), Kira Misiewicz (VP Internal), Bradley Wilkinson (Sponsorship Director), Kate Solecki (Food and Socials Director) and Chelsey Worth (Equity Officer).

The overall success of the tournament demonstrates the bright future of Laurier in the debating community.

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