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December 5, 2016
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From L to R: award winners D. Hermanson, R. Ramsay, T. Kozloski and R. Allen
From L to R: award winners D. Hermanson, R. Ramsay, T. Kozloski and R. Allen


Lazaridis School of Business & Economics

Laurier professor wins prestigious Wildman Medal from the American Accounting Association

Aug 14/08


Dr. Thomas Kozloski
519-884-0710 x2679

Dr. Thomas Kozloski, accounting professor for Wilfrid Laurier Universityís School of Business & Economics, has won the Wildman Medal, awarded by the American Accounting Association (AAA) for scholarly achievement in accounting.

Kozloski and his co-authors were recognized for their contribution to the article "Auditor Risk Assessment: Insights from the Academic Literature," published in the June 2006 edition of Accounting Horizons.

The 22-page paper synthesized findings from hundreds of studies, building a crucial bridge between academic research and the efforts to set auditing standards. The need for such a bridge became apparent in recent years after corporate scandals cost investors millions and undermined public confidence in what publicly traded companies report.

Kozloski shares the medal and the $7,500 award with co-authors Robert D. Allen of the University of Utah, Dana R. Hermanson of Kennesaw State University, and Robert J. Ramsay of the University of Kentucky. The prestigious award honours John R. Wildman, a partner with the accounting firm Deloitte from 1918 to 1938, AAA's first president and a New York University professor.
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board recruited Kozloskiís team to outline ways to assess the risks for auditing errors. The board is a private, nonprofit organization established by congressional mandate to set auditing standards in the wake of the Enron collapse, which left a huge stain on the self-regulated auditing profession and dragged down the nation's top accounting firm, Arthur Anderson.

Kozloski has been with the School of Business & Economics since 2003. His primary teaching interest is in the area of auditing and assurance, and he conducts research in the area of auditor judgment and decision-making. Prior to his university teaching and research career, Kozloski worked a number of years for large, international accounting and consulting firms as an auditor and consultant. He audited middle-market companies in a variety of industries and he consulted to troubled companies and their creditors, as well as to law firms and their clients engaged in complex business litigation. Prior to his business career, he was an officer in the United States Army, serving in armour battalions and brigades in the Republic of Korea and the continental United States.

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