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December 6, 2016
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Laurier community launches fundraiser to help student volunteers recover from hurricane Dean

Aug 23/07


Megan Harris -


Angela Forster -

Laurier's School of Business & Economics is launching a campaign to help recover SOS's funds lost when they needed to evacuate Belize. The Toronto Star story featuring the Students Offering Support (SOS), has caught the attention of not only Laurier's School of Business & Economics, but of the wider Laurier Community as a whole.

September will become “SOS: World of Hope Month” in the School of Business & Economics and a welcome home reception will be given on Thursday, August 30 at 2pm in the Schlegel Centre’s KPMG Atrium, to kick it off. We welcome all to attend and show your support.

Activities such as “Twoonie Tuesday for SOS” - Pay $2 to wear your civies and SOS-World of Hope will take place throughout the month.


Many have already come forward to offer financial support and we ask for yours as well. If you would like to lend support and make a donation, please call Megan Harris (519-884-0710 x2948) or Lindsay Whiting (519-884-0710 x3153).

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