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December 2, 2016
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Laurier student shines in Canadian Apprentice-style challenge

Jul 31/07


Angela Forster, Director, SBE Marketing & Communications, 519-884-0710, x3145

Greg Overholt, a fourth year Laurier School of Business & Economics (SBE) double degree co-op student competed at the Impact Apprentice 2007 competition in Vancouver. Greg was a member of "Team RA" which secured the second place position in this university-level competition designed to emulate the popular television show. 

The Impact Apprentice competition puts thirty-two hand-picked Canadian business students through the paces of real-life business decision-making, and tests their business acumen in four key areas including sales, consulting, advertising and management. Held from June 26 - 29, competition participants were pushed to their personal limits as they searched for creative solutions to business challenges.

"This competition compelled our team build the bridge between academics and the real world, 5 times in just 4 short days," said Greg. "The people were amazing, the city was gorgeous, the competition was intense, but the most remarkable moment was when we realized the true potential of 8 total strangers over 72 hours - this competition was truly eye-opening, and something that everyone in every discipline, should be able to experience."           

Competition sponsors included Nestle, TELUS, Travelcuts, Microsoft and RIM. One of the challenges required student teams to sell products supplied by competition sponsors. Team RA put their sales knowledge into practice by selling TELUS phones on the streets of Vancouver. Competing teams were awarded points after each challenge and the winners were chosen based on the accumulation of points throughout the competition.

"This was a truly unique and wonderful experience for Greg and for our school," said Laurier dean of business and economics, Ginny Dybenko. "Laurier's School of Business & Economics has earned a strong reputation for our entrepreneurial-style of teaching, which has become increasingly apparent in our competition standings."

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