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October 28, 2016
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Lyle S. Hallman Faculty of Social Work

Laurier professor explores realities of lone mothers on social assistance

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Mar 29/11| For Immediate Release


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TORONTO – Lea Caragata, associate professor of social policy and community development at Wilfrid Laurier University, will deliver a presentation called Lone Mothers on Social Assistance: Understanding their Experiences through Community-Based Research as part of a speaker series at the Laurier Toronto office on Wednesday, April 6 starting at noon. 

The Laurier Toronto office is located on the main floor of the Exchange Tower at 130 King St. W. 

Caragata’s presentation explores the realities of lone mothers’ lives through longitudinal qualitative research that was conducted with lone mothers across Canada. Lone mothers (more commonly referred to as “single mothers”) on welfare are often portrayed negatively — as taking advantage of the “system” and having children they can't financially support. Contesting this perception of irresponsibility, factors such as abuse, women's traditional caring roles and low-paid work frame a contrasting explanation for the high numbers of lone mothers in poverty. 

The presentation is open to the public. 

Caragata’s recent research includes a longitudinal study of single mothers in three Canadian cities examining the effects of labour-market change and workfare programs on these families. Areas of investigation in this multi-site interdisciplinary research have included concentrated poverty, social housing and issues of education necessary for, and access to, sustainable employment. Other research has focused on social movements, gender, social exclusion and considerations of space and place. 

Caragata’s academic career followed almost 20 years of work in government and the non-profit sector including more than 10 years as executive director of a social housing organization. 

To register, please call 416-306-0866 or email

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