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October 21, 2016
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Student applications for NSERC USRA in Chemistry due Friday February 11, 2011

Jan 13/11

The National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Undergraduate Students Research Awards (USRA) program allows qualified undergraduate students to assist in research projects in the 2011 summer term (May through August) under the direction and supervision of an NSERC-funded faculty member in Chemistry Department.

To be eligible, you:

- must be a full-time undergraduate student, at the time of application, in any honours program in chemistry. Students in their 4th year who will be graduating are also eligible,

- must have completed at least 2 terms of the bachelorís degree by the time the award is held and must obtain a cumulative average of at least a B,

- must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Full eligibility guidelines are posted on the NSERC web site.

Students can expect to earn $5,625 ($4,500 + $1,125) or more during the tenure of the award.

The number of awards available across all fields of natural science (e.g., Physics and Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Psychology, etc.) at Laurier is 15. However awards made to Aboriginal students will not be counted as part of Laurierís quota, but in addition to it because NSERC would like to encourage applications from Aboriginal students.

To apply:

If you would like to apply, you may access the application forms at the NSERC web site (forms can also be filled out electronically and downloaded):

You must fill out all of Form 202 Part I and the top section of Form 202 Part II. The remainder of Part II is filed out by the faculty member supervising the research.

Application due date:

Applications should be submitted to Ms. Jane Gohl in the Chemistry Department no later than February 11, 2011.

Potential Supervisors:

Listed below are the names of Chemistry faculty members (listed alphabetically) who are interested in supervising NSERC USRA students in 2010. Please contact the faculty member directly to learn more about their research:

Dr. Lillian Debruin 

Dr. Dimitri Goussev

Dr. Ian Hamilton

Dr. Scott Smith

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