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October 24, 2016
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Chemistry and Biochemistry

M.Sc. in Chemistry Thesis Defence by Phil Kerenghan - Sept. 23, 2:30 pm, Dean's Boardroom (N1053)

Sep 16/10

Microporous Organic Polymers: Synthesis and Post Synthetic Modifications

Microporous solids are an important class of material that has been studied extensively. Newer to this field are Microporous Organic Polymers (MOPs) which are networks constructed from small organic building blocks and exhibit large surface areas, small pore sizes and low densities. It is due to these characteristics that MOPs have attracted attention because of their potential use in applications such as catalysis, chemical separations and gas storage.

My research has focused on the synthesis of permanently microporous networks through the linking of purely organic building blocks and then the tailoring of these networks through post synthetic modifications.

For my thesis defense I will touch on the synthesis of a novel, boronate linked MOP based on alcohol substituted triptycene and benzenediboronic acid building blocks. I will also discuss the post synthetic modification to an imine linked network. These modifications include the reduction of imine bonds within the network followed by subsequent acetylation of the now amine groups. Finally, I will discuss the formation of MOPs via irreversible Yamamoto coupling to form porous aromatic frameworks (PAFs) and then the post synthetic modification to these networks by means of electrophilic aromatic substitution. 

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