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October 27, 2016
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True North Brass hosting on-campus events this weekend

Nov 3/11

True North Brass, The Faculty of Music's distinguished guest ensemble for 2011-12, hosts a series of events this weekend.


Friday, Nov. 4, 2011  ROOM A431

9:30 All brass students with TNB members. Auditors welcome.

·         Introduction to True North Brass members

·         Brief introduction to Goal Setting techniques for speeding up progress on a brass instrument and adding enjoyment and satisfaction to the process.

·         True North Brass perform Don’t Get Around Much Anymore by Duke Ellington with students viewing parts and rehearsal techniques.

·         Volunteer students; Group #1 will sit into TNB positions and play Don’t Get Around Much Anymore parts. TNB will coach students in how to approach a new piece, how to rehearse for quick results, how to interact with each other and settle disputes about interpretation.  Volunteer student group #1 will perform Don’t Get Around .  This will be repeated by a second Volunteer brass group of students.

10:45 Break – 15 min.

11:00 All Brass students with TNB members; Auditors welcome

·         The basics of brass playing: The True North Brass version.  This includes the following topics: You are your instrument; Let’s get AIR SUPPORT clearly understood; How to produce a stellar quality sound;  How to increase your range quickly; How to increase your accuracy immediately ( anyone heard about tongue position?); Endurance – no longer a problem with TNB techniques; Intonation improvement – Instant success with this approach !  This class will be interactive and individual students will get to experience immediate improvement by volunteering.

·         Review of morning material and questions.

12:30 Lunch break

2:30  30 min. Concert by True North Brass for all students and visiting Laurier Days guests.

Program:   La Rose Nuptiale     Lavallee

                    True North Fanfare  ( with composer chat)

                    Meditations            Irvine

                    Beginning to See the Light        Ellington (Kay)

                    Carioca  ( short version)    Youmans ( Kay)

2:30-2:45 BREAK

2:45 – 3:15 Short discussion with students about TNB concert. Analyze stage presence, dress, interaction with audience, entertainment value, making music tips, etc.. How can students also use these tips in day to day rehearsals and performances.

3:15 Goal Setting Presentation by Joan Watson for all students.  Understanding Goal Setting basics; clarifying a goal; the BIG 4 questions; analyzing next steps; rating Satisfaction levels; building a team. Students will create a goal for the time spent with TNB.

4:00   Two quintets of Laurier students will perform for the participants attending and receive coaching by TNB members on pre-determined repertoire.  ( one mov’t or piece per group).  If 2 rooms are available the group be coached by TNB members in separate rooms.

4:45  Everyone to re-group in main room and summarize day’s activities and prepare for Day 2 of TNB workshop.

Saturday, Nov. 5th, 2011 ROOM A318

9:30  All brass students will join TNB in a group warmup with discussion from the previous day on efficient playing techniques and the true usefulness of “the warm-up “; turning on your inner musician.

10:15  Individual masterclasses for trumpet, trombone, horn , tuba in separate rooms.  Specifics on how each masterclass will be run will be sent to students through Barton Woomert, Head of Brass , Laurier University Dept. of Music prior to Friday’s class start.

11:30 Two quintets of Laurier students will be coached on previously selected repertoire. If two rooms are available the quintets will be coached by TNB members different from Friday’s coaching members. This will give students a different perspective on the same music and a wide range of tips and assistance on rehearsal techniques, preparation for a consistent performance and interpersonal skills.

12:30 LUNCH

2:00  Performance by the 2 Laurier  quintets of their pre-determined repertoire for the entire group of participants in the TNB workshops.  Following the performance  of both groups there will be a discussion and analysis of the results.  

3:15 BREAK

3:30  Grant Writing and Group Management Basics lecture by Raymond Tizzard, Managing Director of TNB, Inc..

4:30  Summary of Workshop experiences.  A re-visit to goals set by participants for their experience of the TNB workshop rating Satisfaction and Success. Analysis of next steps and support needed to continue improvement and enjoyment of being a musician and brass player.

5:00  End of Workshop.

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