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December 2, 2016
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Faculty of Music

American Musicological Society visited Laurier

May 3/11

The New York State/St. Lawrence chapter of the American Musicological Society came to Laurier April 30 and May 1 for its spring meeting.

Presentations occured over four sessions: Reinterpretations in Neoclassicism, Music in “English” Contexts, Technologies and the Avant-garde, and Aesthetic Readings: Transformation, Idealism, and Modernism. Thirteen scholars from northeastern institutions including Cornell, Eastman, the University of Ottawa, and McGill will present to delegates. Charlie Mingus and Avantgardism, Glenn Gould as electronic composer and contrapuntist, and Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock and Political Utopianism, were some of the paper topics.

Chapter meetings for the American Musicological Society, the premiere organization for Musicology in North America, are held annually; Laurier hosted for the first time with the Faculty of Music’s Dr. Kirsten Yri on the program committee.

Please click here for a copy of the program.

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