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October 26, 2016
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2007 Graduation Recitals Underway

Feb 2/07

2007 Graduation Recitals are now underway. Concerts take place in the Maureen Forrester Recital Hall and admission is free. The schedule is as follows:



January 14, 8pm,  Margaret Fay, Bassoon (Chamber Music Diploma)
February 27, 8pm, Denise Jung, Piano (Chamber Music Diploma); Rachel Reimer, Viola (Chamber Music Diploma); Adam Riggs, Violincello (Chamber Music Diploma)
March 2, 8pm, Michael Hedrich, Percussion
March 4, 8pm, Erik Thor, Baritone
March 5, 8pm Christine McLean, Clarinet
March 12, 8pm, James Moat, Violin
March 13, 8pm, Genevieve, Schirm, Violincello (Chamber Music Diploma)
March 23, 8pm, Angela Burns, Soprano
March 25, 8pm, Graham MacKenzie, Oboe
March 26, 8pm, Becky Bilauca, Clarinet
March 27, 8pm, Mike Bronson, Percussion
April 4, 8pm, Laura Sinclair, Viola (Chamber Music Diploma)
April 5, 8pm, Erica Huang, Mezzo-Soprano
April 11, 8pm, Steve Barabash, Flute
April 12, 8pm, Jane Ribble, Oboe
April 13, 8pm, Steve Wood, Percussion
April 14, 4pm, Liane James, Harp
April 14, 8pm, Beth Bayley, Soprano
April 15, 4pm, Katherine Gannon, Violin
April 15, 8pm, Elizabeth Tremain, Violin
April 17, 8pm Jeffrey Stonehouse, Flute
April 18, 8pm, Andres Tucci-Clarke, Violincello
April 19, 8pm Jessica Lalonde, Soprano (Opera Diploma); Iasmina Pataca, Mezzo-Soprano (Opera Diploma); Kristina Pettit, Soprano (Opera Diploma)
April 20, 8pm, Mike Hagedorn, Trumpet
April 21, 3 pm, Ashley Cumming, French Horn
April 22, 4pm, Christine Ruffo, French Horn
April 22, 8pm, Sarah Iles, Soprano
April 24, 8pm, Yena Kang, Piano
April 25, 8pm, Nathaniel Wiseman, Baritone
April 26, 8pm, Andrea Stuart, Violincello
April 27, 4pm, Genevieve Schirm, Violincello (Chamber Music Diploma); Laura Sinclair, Viola (Chamber Music Diploma)
April 27, 8pm, Michael Jang, Piano
April 28, 8pm, Peter Stuart, Violincello
April 29, 3pm, Scott McKnight, Violincello
April 29, 7pm Catherine Little, Violincello

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