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August 19, 2017
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Faculty of Music

Dr. Kevin Swinden wins the Hoffmann-Little Award for Faculty

May 10/13


Dr. Kevin J. Swinden

The Hoffman-Little Award recognizes teaching excellence and professional endeavour at Laurier. This year’s recipient is Dr. Kevin J. Swinden.

Dr. Swinden is a tenured associate professor of music theory and associate dean and co-ordinator of the music theory program in Laurier’s Faculty of Music. He joined Laurier in 2002 after teaching at the University of Mississippi as the director of music technology. His research specializes in chromatic harmony of the late 19th century. He is internationally regarded for his studies, and has been invited to present papers and speak at academic events in Canada and the United States.

He is also highly regarded by his students. One nominator wrote: “Ask any music student who has had Dr. Swinden as their professor and I am positive you will hear my conclusion about his eligibility for the Hoffmann-Little Award many times over: He is an excellent professor, a credible scholar, a committed teacher, and a warm-hearted person!”

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