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December 3, 2016
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President's message about Laurier's Integrated Planning & Resource Management initiative

May 1/12

A message from Max Blouw, Laurier president and vice-chancellor, about Laurier's Integrated Planning and Resource Management initiative.

On April 25 and 26, I had the pleasure and the privilege of joining approximately 60 members of the Laurier community for preliminary discussions about Laurier’s Integrated Planning and Resource Management initiative (IPRM).

This group represented a cross-section of the Laurier community, and I want to thank all participants for their candor and engagement. I heard frank and honest thoughts about the challenges and opportunities facing our institution and, most encouragingly, I heard enthusiasm for undertaking a process that will position Laurier very strongly for future success.

These two days are just a beginning. By the end of what we expect to be a nine-month initiative that is set to start in earnest in September, all members of the Laurier community will have opportunities to contribute his or her thoughts, and I strongly encourage everyone to make your voices heard.

It is important to note that IPRM is not an across-the-board cost-cutting exercise; rather, it is an exercise that will allow us to focus on operationalizing and funding what we are good at and what we need to do to ensure our future success.

Simply put, IPRM is a transparent and inclusive exercise with two broad components: Prioritization and Resource Allocation.

During Prioritization, we will use what we know about Laurier from previous planning exercises –– Envisioning Laurier, Academic Plan, Campus Master Plan –– to establish key academic and non-academic priorities that will position Laurier for future success. The process will also lead to identification and choices about activities that do not support the university’s priorities.

During Resource Allocation, a budget model and resource-allocation process will be developed to directly support the priorities that were identified in the previous step.

On behalf of all members of the university administration, I commit to you that the IPRM process will be guided by four key principles: it will be inclusive, transparent, responsive and outcome-based. We will seek out and respond to input from the entire Laurier community; we will communicate clearly and consistently; and we are committed to implementing the outcomes of the process.

Over the next few months we will establish academic and administrative task forces to lead the initiative and we will create a website that will be your ongoing source of up-to-date information. In the fall, we will begin the Prioritization process together with the entire Laurier community.

For further information, please see the April 24 campus update.

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