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March 29, 2017
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PTF co-chairs: Mary-Louise Byrne (L) and Kim Morouney (R)
PTF co-chairs: Mary-Louise Byrne (L) and Kim Morouney (R)

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IPRM working groups announce permanent co-chairs

Apr 30/13

After two meetings led by interim co-chairs, Laurier’s Integrated Planning and Resource Management (IPRM) working groups have each elected permanent co-chairs to lead the groups through the IPRM process.

The Planning Task Force (PTF) members elected Kim Morouney, associate professor, Organizational Behaviour/Human Resource Management and associate dean of Business: academic programs, and Mary-Louise Byrne, associate professor, Geography and Environmental Studies, as permanent co-chairs.

“We look forward to truly open discussions across the university—conversations that go beyond the traditional academic and administrative boundaries,” said Morouney. “We’ve been heartened by the collegial dialogue that has already begun to take place, even at this early stage in the process.” 

In addition to leading the working groups through IPRM, the PTF co-chairs will keep the Laurier community informed about IPRM developments.

“Regular communication throughout the IPRM process is essential for a successful outcome, and we welcome questions from all members of the Laurier community,” said Byrne.

Permanent co-chairs for the additional IPRM working groups include:

Academic Priorities Team
Bob Sharpe, associate professor, Geography and Environmental Studies
Peter Tiidus, professor, Kinesiology and Physical Education

Administrative Priorities Team
Tony Araujo, director: campus operations, Laurier Brantford
Ray Darling, Registrar

Resource Management Team
Joanne McKee, assistant vice-president: Financial Resources
Ruth Cruikshank, associate professor, Policy and associate MBA director

Since they began their training and meetings in February, the PTF has worked to develop mandates and guiding documents for each of the working groups.

The working groups have focused on finalizing decision protocols and developing program evaluation criteria.

For background information and ongoing updates including meeting schedules and brief meeting summaries, please continue to visit the IPRM website

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