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October 23, 2017
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Centre for Community Research, Learning and Action

Announcing the 2015-2016 CCRLA Speakers Series

Oct 15/15

CCRLA is pleased to announce our 2015-2016 Speakers Series!

Social innovation and social entrepreneurship are hot topics nationally, internationally, and right here at home, at Laurier. But what do these terms really mean? There seem to be multiple definitions, depending on who it is you ask. As we increasingly embrace these concepts and approaches, we should be asking critical questions about for what and whom are we are innovating and why. How are questions of power, inequality, social justice and human rights being addressed? Is social innovation a strategy for a better world? Or is it merely neoliberal agenda in disguise?

This year's speakers will present alternative understandings of social innovation and social entrepreneurship, and offer critical perspectives in response to the question: "What are the connections and tensions between social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and social justice?"

  • ​​O​ctober 20, 4:00-5:30p.m | Jessica Bolduc, Executive Director, 4Rs Youth Movement
  • Octo​ber 27, 5:​​00-4:30p.m. | Dr. Brian Christens, Associate Professor, University Wisc​onsin-Madison
  • November 19, 4:00-5​:30p.m. | Dr. Laura Mae Lindo, Director, Laurier Diversity & Equity Office 

LOCATIONAll talks are held in CCRLA, Room K214 232 King St. North (Constable Services building).

All are welcome! Learn more at

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