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December 6, 2016
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900 Series Social Insurance Numbers

Feb 8/08

As part of the Federal Government's effort to better manage Social Insurance Numbers (SIN), Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) has implemented some changes in issuing new SINs. One of these changes involves 900 series SINs. All 900 series SINs issued since March 30, 2003 have an expiry date, while those issued prior to that do not. SINs without expiry dates are only valid until April 3, 2004. Individuals holding one of these cards who plan to work beyond this date must re-apply for a new card. Please click on the link for more HRDC Documentation.

Wilfrid Laurier University is bound by law under the Employment Insurance legislation to ask employees to produce their SIN card and the Work Permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada; failure to do so is an offense under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. In compliance with this new legislation, the Payroll Office will cease payment to employees who fail to produce these required documents effective April 3, 2004. Also note that the Payroll Office will not accommodate notification over the phone or email. Documentation must be shown in person.

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