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October 27, 2016
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Human Rights & Human Diversity

Recent HRHD Grad Publishes First Scholarly Article

Sep 4/12

The HRHD program wishes to congratulate HRHD grad of 2012 Elizabeth Baisley on the publication of her first
article in a scholarly journal. "Status Differentiated Rights" has just been
published in the Journal of Human Rights Volume 11, Issue 3, 2012. Here's the abstract:

This article defines status-differentiated rights and identifies examples
from international principles, declarations, and conventions. Drawing on the
work of Peter Jones and Will Kymlicka, status-differentiated rights are compared
and contrasted to group and group-differentiated rights. Using Jack Donnelly's
three-tiered scheme of substance-interpretation-implementation, the article also
demonstrates how status-differentiated rights complicate the equal-special
rights binary; this is because some rights are status undifferentiated at one
level, yet status differentiated at another. This article concludes that
addressing the diverse harms faced by (members of) vulnerable status groups
requires both “ordinary” human rights and status-differentiated rights.

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