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December 10, 2016
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Movement Disorders Research & Rehabilitation Centre (MDRC)

MDRC Event Week

March 22 - March 29

Apr 8/09

During the week of March 22 through to March 29, various MDRC related events occurred on and off campus.

Events included a hockey game, a KP601 guest hosted seminar featuring CRC Chair, Dr. Ramesh Balasubramaniam who presented a talk on "Time and the Brain:  Perspectives from the study of human motor control".  A luncheon was well attended by donors and patients.  Dr. Quincy Almeida spoke of MDRC updates and announced a $250,000 donation from Sunlife.

MDRC week ended with the annual Brent MacFarlane Run for MDRC which students of KP242 organized as part of their course requirement.  The run raised just over $3,600 for the MDRC.  Read more here.

The next MDRC event will be the 2nd Annual Laurier Loop road race where all pledges are donated to MDRC.  Read more here.


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