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October 23, 2016
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Cultural Analysis and Social Theory - MA Program

Loveleen Kaur’s Paper Published in Sikh Formations

May 13/14

“The Tear in the Fabric of Multiculturalism: The Recurring Image of the Sikh ‘Extemist,’” by CAST graduate Loveleen Kaur (class of 2012) appears in the latest issue of Sikh Formations, a international peer-reviewed journal published by Taylor & Francis.


Since 1984, there have been recurring images of Sikhs in Canada, as “extremists”, “militants” and “terrorists”. As a result, when Sikhs are viewed as participating in “un-Canadian” beliefs or practices, the general public often responds with discourses that state Sikhs need to return “home”, despite their citizenship status. These images produce conversations among Canadians about the extent Sikhs are compatible with Canadian society. I will use the aftermath of the Kamal Nath Protest (23 March 2010), organized by Sikh-Canadians (mostly born in Canada), to unpack the discourse of the Sikh “extremist” in the media. I will explore how the idyllic discourse of Canadian multiculturalism has denied the political identities and histories of communities that have migrated to Canada. Despite discourses of universal tolerance and individual rights, it becomes apparent that any protest is not an appropriate form of dissent for the racialized immigrant within Canada.

Link to Full Paper:

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