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October 21, 2016
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Cultural Analysis and Social Theory - MA Program

Fiona Parascandaloís paper published in the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture

Oct 1/13

Fiona Parascandalo, a graduate of the Cultural Analysis and Social Theory program (class of 2011), recently had a paper published in the prestigious Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, published by University of Toronto Press. Parascandaloís paper, ďThou Shalt Get thy Praise On!: Analysis on the Conversion and Community Maintenance Powers of Contemporary Christian Music,Ē examines the ways that Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) functions both as a tool of conversion and a means to maintain the Christian community. Using Charles Taylorís theory of hermeneutics, Parascandalo analyses internet forums and interviews of CCM musicians to gain a comprehensive understanding of the CCM and Christian communities. The paper contains an examination of Foucaultís metaphorical understanding of Benthamís panopticon and the ways the visible and unverifiable authoritative normalizing gaze of the watchtower is mirrored in Godís presence in CCM. The argument also follows the progressive and conservative nature of the gaze, concluding that CCM compels subjects through its progressive use of pop music and maintains obedience through the consistent presence of norms.

The complete paper can be found at the following link:

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