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December 7, 2016
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New crisis response procedures aim to help faculty, staff and students

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Sep 23/11

It’s no secret that post-secondary students are experiencing increasing levels of stress and anxiety, and Wilfrid Laurier University is proactively helping to support faculty, staff and students with the creation of emergency response procedures and the work of student support and crisis teams.

The Student Support Team in Waterloo recently unveiled a set of Student Crisis Response Procedures that outline the best course of action for faculty and staff to take if they encounter a student who may need additional levels of support. Those procedures are listed here:

“It’s important that faculty and staff have a place to go if they have concerns about a student,” said Leanne Holland Brown, dean of students at Laurier’s Waterloo campus and the chair of the Student Support Team. “These procedures provide a course of action on how to best deal with those issues.”

In Brantford, the Campus Safety and Support Team also has a number of resources for faculty, staff and community members to refer to, including a response chart and online reporting forms:

“We want to keep channels of communication open,” said David Prang, director of Student Services and co-chair of the Campus Safety and Support Team.

In addition to discussing specific student concerns, the crisis teams at both campuses meet every three to four weeks to discuss emerging trends and themes facing students at Laurier. And in a spirit of collaboration and best practices, the two teams provide support and advice to one another in an effort to help students experiencing difficulties.

“This is an attempt to bring together a group of people who are aware of students experiencing various challenges so we can provide timely support and help mitigate future risk,” said Holland Brown. “We want to help provide the best circumstances for students’ success.”

Prang, who co-chairs the committee with Special Constable Service Supervisor James Yuhasz, agrees it is a collaborative and supportive environment.

“It creates a level of community and develops trusting relationships across campus,” said Prang.

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