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December 11, 2016
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Physics & Computer Science

Interdisciplinary Design Project

Jun 23/12

The Interdisciplinary Design Project (CP/PC496 and CP/PC497) gives students experience working in a group setting to solve a substantial problem that may span several areas of Computer Science, Electronics, Physics or Photonics. Students will define the requirements of the project, develop a solution plan, produce a design, build a prototype and document their work using written, oral, and video reports.

Client: biologist

Problem: plant growth chamber lighting systems are not very realistic

Project: design and build a lighting system for a commercial growth chamber that provides more complex and realistic light quality
[See Light quality and temperature effects on antirrhinum growth and development and Spectral Distribution of Light in a Tobacco Canopy and Effects of End-of-Day Light Quality on Growth and Development ]

Need team members from physics/photonics [light characteristics, light measurement, colour LED characteristics], electronics [hardware, software, user interface], and computer science [software, user interface] and, potentially biology [photobiology - other than the client].

Project (course) will only go forward if the design team has the appropriate mix of skills with sufficient redundancy in the skills.

Contact Dr. N. Znotinas if interested in the course.

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