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October 22, 2017
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Senior Research Projects (Students in Years 4/5)

Sep 10/15

The department has a series of directed research project courses PC491/PC492 and CP493/CP494.

Students doing a directed research project, need to find a supervisor and research topic. Typically, the projects are done individually. 

A list of potential projects follows but you can approach any faculty member in the department.

Development of Laurier's Hawk Mobile App

Laurier's Hawk Mobile App is currently available for Android and Blackberry devices. Looking for students interested in porting the app to iPhone.
Contact: Dr. C. Hoang,

Analysis of quantum correlations in small-scale quantum computers

Quantum information science involves the study of how to harness the laws of quantum mechanics for efficient computing, communication and information storage. Entanglement, or quantum correlations play a crucial role in quantum information processing. This project is a detailed numerical and analytical investigation of entanglement in small-scale computers consisting of a few (< 10) quantum bits. The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of quantum correlations that is necessary for designing practical and devices for computation, communication and cryptography. Requirements: PC321 (PC331 also preferred)
Contact: Dr. S. Ghose,

Quantum chaos with cold trapped ions

Cold trapped alkali ions are good candidates for building a quantum computer. Interaction between the ions can lead to interesting nonlinear behaviour and chaos, which could help or hinder quantum computations. In this project, the student will investigate the dynamics of a pair of trapped ions and analyze the signatures of chaos that are evident in the behaviour. The effects of chaos on quantum correlations that are useful for computing will be assessed.
Contact: Dr. S. Ghose,

Projects in cryptography, security, privacy, algorithms, human computer interaction

Students interested in doing a project in any of the above topic areas. 
Contact: Dr. A. Hamel,

Projects in meta-heuristic algorithms, SAT algorithms, combinatorial matrices, high-performance computing algorithms

Students interested in doing a project in any of the above topic areas
Contact: Dr. I. Kotsireas,

Application/Investigation of 3D Printing

Various projects are possible but only serious applications or a systematic investigation of 3D printing characteristics would qualify.
Contact: Dr. N. Znotinas,

Wilf needs a scooter  ** Could be a CP/PC496 group project

Wilf, our NAO robot, needs a scooter to ride as he walks very slowly.  A group started designing a scooter a couple of years ago but did not complete the design/implementation.
Contact:  Dr. N Znotinas,

UCOSP - Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects  *** Project closed: I have more applications than spots

UCOSP brings together students from universities across Canada to work together on joint open source development projects. Each development team has students from two or three universities, and uses a mix of agile and open source processes under the supervision of a faculty or industry lead (mentor) assisted by a graduate student (tutor).  More details.
Contact: Dr. N. Znotinas,

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