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October 25, 2016
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Dec 5/07

These are a list of summer research projects for undergraduate students offered by professors in the Dept. of Physics and Computer Science. They are listed in alphabetical order by professor's name. Please contact the professor directly if you are interested.

Project title: Reconfigurable Interconnection Networks.

Supervisor: Dr. Hongbing Fan;

This four month research position is to work on the development of CAD tools for automatically generating switching components and reconfigurable interconnection networks for network-on-chip applications. It requires experience with digital system designs (such as CP316, CP319), Verilog, HDL/VHDL, Perl and FPGA boards. Extention is possible.

Project title: Algorithms for Robot Search

Supervisor: Dr. Angèle Hamel;

The four month project concerns the problem determining an optimal strategy for robots searching for a moving target located on one of several rays leading from the origin. The student's role will be to model the problem and run simulations that will demonstrate the performance of various offline and online models. SHARCNET will be used and this position is funded by SHARCNET. Experience with programming in C and algorithms (e.g. CP 312) is required.

Project title: Anonymity Networks and Traffic Analysis

Supervisor: Dr. Angèle Hamel;

A four month research position investigating traffic analysis methods of breaking anonymity networks (such as Tor). We will look at both theory (i.e. mathematics) and practice (i.e. programming). Experience with discrete math and stats (e.g. MA238 and MA240) and programming in C are essential; experience with cryptography or privacy (e.g. CP460 or CP373) is an asset but not required.

Project title: Graph Isomorphism

Supervisor: Dr. C. Hoàng;

Duration: May-July 2008. The topic of this undergraduate summer research is the graph isomorphism problem: given two graphs G and H, is G isomorphic to some induced subgraph of H? The student is expected to read several research papers (with the help of the instructor) and implement algorithms using Microsoft Visual Studio (C++). A related problem which is of interest is to quickly list all induced subgraphs of H that are isomorphic to G. Preference will be given to students who have taken CP317, and MA234 or MA238.

Project title: C/C++ library for Design Theory

Supervisor: Dr. Ilias Kotsireas;

A Summer Research Assistant position is available in the CARGO lab starting May 1, 2008, for 4 months. The project is to develop a Linux-based C/C++ library of reusable components for computations in Design Theory and Coding Theory. The code development will consist of debugging/maintenance and integration of some existing components (i.e. orthogonal designs, combinatorial generation), as well as development of some new components (i.e. periodic and non-periodic autocorrelation functions). Experience with C/C++ is essential. Some experience with Maple or Magma would be an asset. The library will be tested on SHARCnet high-performance computing clusters.

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