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December 3, 2016
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Program Changes - All Physics and Computer Science Programs

Jun 8/06

A number of important program changes have been made and all these changes will take effect September 1 2006.

HBBA/HCCE double degree

HBBA/HCCE students will now require 26 credits to graduate (down from 26.75 credits). The program course schedule will change for year 1 and year 2 students.

  • MA121 has been removed as a required course. Students will now take a regular load of 5 courses in the fall term of year 1.
  • PC203 Analog Electronics Laboratory has been removed as an independent course.
  • Lab components have been added to a number of physics courses.

HBBA/HCS double degree

The terms for some second year courses will change. The most significant change will be the inclusion of CP363 Database I into the winter term of year 2 and the movement of the senior CP elective course from year 2 to year 4. This change will improve access to co-op jobs requiring database skills.


Some of the quarter credit laboratory courses have been removed as independent courses and will be incorporated into the corresponding lecture course. This will change the list of courses that each program will require and the elective restrictions as follows:

  • For the Honours Physics program, the electives must include at least 2.5 senior credits in Physics, at least 1.0 of which must be at the 400 level.
  • For the Honours Photonics program, the electives must include at least 1.0 senior credit in Physics.

Programs with a Computer Science Component

The major changes are as follows:

  • CP213 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (Fall) is now a prerequisite for CP264 Data Structures II (Winter).
  • CP386 Operating Systems (was CP466) will be taken in third year and is now a prerequisite for CP372 Computer Networks. For most programs, CP315 Introduction to Scientific Computing will now be taken in fourth year to make room for CP386 in third year.
  • Students entering fourth year should make sure that they do not inadvertantly miss CP466/CP386 if Operating Systems is a program requirement.

All Programs

Mathematics has had to restrict the number of sections for their 1st and 2nd year courses. As a consequence, we have changed the scheduling for a number of our courses (courses moved from one term to a different term). Rather than itemize each change in text, please look at the online program descriptions.


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