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December 4, 2016
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Three new computer science 400-level courses introduced

May 18/06

The department is introducing three new Computer Science courses for the Fall 2006/Winter 2007 academic year.  Course titles and descriptions follow.

CP400J Principles of Programming Languages (Fall 2006)

Overview of programming languages, virtual machines, introduction to language translation, declarations and types, abstract mechanism, object oriented programming, functional programming.

Prerequisites: CP213 and fourth year CS/HCCE registration status

Instructor: Dr. Chính Hoàng

Topics Covered :

  • Overview of programming languages
  • Virtual machines, introduction to language translation
  • Declarations and types, abstract mechanism
  • A first generation language: Fortran
  • Structured Programming: Pascal
  • Structured Programming: Pascal
  • Object oriented programming: Small Talk
  • Object oriented programming: Small Talk
  • Functional programming: Lisp
  • Functional programming: Lisp
  • Logic Programming: Prolog
  • Logic Programming: Prolog


CP400K Introduction to Compiling (Winter 2007)

This course is an introduction into the theory and practice of compiler's construction. It covers such topics as

  • Phases of compilation: lexical analysis and parsing.
  • Software tools for phases of compilation: LEX and YACC.
  • Compiler implementation aspects: scope rules, block structure, and symbol tables; stack management; parameter passage mechanisms; heap storage management.
  • Intermediate code.
  • Code generation and code optimization.

Prerequisites: registration status – 4 th year CS or HCCE.

Instructor: Dr. Eugene Zima

Topics Covered :

  • Introduction
  • Lexical Analysis
  • Formal Grammars
  • Top Down Parsing
  • Bottom-Up Parsing
  • SLR(1) Parsing
  • LALR(1) Parsing
  • Syntax Directed Translation
  • Semantic Analysis
  • Runtime Environments
  • Intermediate Representation
  • Processor Architectures
  • Final Code Generation
  • Code Optimization


CP400L Ethics and Professional Practice (Winter 2007)

Today’s computing professional may be responsible for confidential data, may program potentially dangerous systems, and may have to protect intellectual property. He or she should additionally be conversant with issues such as ethics, privacy, censorship, and computer crime. This course will also teach writing, presentation, and library skills in the context of computer science. It is anticipated that this course will become a required course offered annually as it is a standard offering in most CS departments and will be required for CIPS accreditation.

Specific topics covered: Introduction to ethics, computer reliability and safety, security and privacy, computer crime, intellectual property and digital rights management, impact of computers on work and society.

Prerequisites: CP264

Instructor: Dr. Angèle Hamel

Topics Covered :

  • Issues from philosophy. Introduction to ethics. A short history of the philosophy of ethics. Case studies in ethics. Ethics as applied to computer science in particular, ACM code of ethics and professional conduct. Critical thinking skills and logical arguments, practical logic and logical fallacies, theory and practice of correct reasoning.
  • Privacy and security. Expectation of privacy, protection of privacy, introduction to encryption and security, encryption policy.
  • Computer safety and reliability. Case studies in computing responsibility.
  • Intellectual property. Copyright, copyright on digital media (movies, music, etc.), patents, trademarks and trade secrets, open source software, plagiarism
  • Computer crime. Hacking, identity theft, fraud.
  • Impact of computers on work. Changing nature of jobs, employee monitoring.
  • Impact of computers on society. The digital divide, access, control of information, homogeneity of information, censorship.

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