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December 10, 2016
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Physics & Computer Science

CP104/CP114 moving to Python this fall

Apr 24/06

The programming language used for CP104 and CP114 this fall will be Python. It is a simpler language than C and more appropriate for novice programmers. Also, it is a 'real' language (like C) that is used for scientific programming and in industry. Python is open source ( and runs on most operating systems. The language can be taught as a procedural, object-oriented or functional language.

If you have already taken CP104 using C and will be taking CP114 this academic year using Python, do not worry. Python is very easy to learn and we will have some extra tutorials at the start of CP114 to bring you up to speed quickly.

We're very excited about the change in language. Senior students who are interested in working as course assistants for these courses should take a couple of days this summer to learn Python. For more information, contact David Brown (

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