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October 22, 2017
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Physics & Computer Science

Interested in developing Laurier's mobile app?

Dec 5/12

Laurierís IT department wants to develop mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.  Students who participate in the development team may receive academic credit for their work.  Student must be in 3rd or 4th year to participate.

Contact for more information.

The Laurier Mobile App will allow students to access university information from any location, using their mobile device. Primary emphasis will be put on modules which allow students to actually complete functions within a visually appealing and user friendly environment.

Information based modules will allow students to access and use information directly on their mobile device. Potential functions include user access to account balances, course/exam schedules, maps/directions, campus directory, event listings, etc. Function based modules will integrate with existing university systems to allow students to make payments /purchases, submit registrations/applications, and send/receive messages.
The app will target current Laurier students, with a focus on onboarding incoming first year students.

Students will benefit from a central source for information and administrative functions, as well as freedom of location to access them. Incoming students in particular will benefit from early integration into the campus, with tools that can continue to be utilized throughout university.

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