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September 28, 2016
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Mathematics Teacher Educators

Research by D. Kotsopoulos, Kathleen Clark (FSU, Florida), and Francesca Morselli (UG, Italy)

Nov 23/10

In 2008, the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) held the100th anniversary meeting in Rome, Italy. As one aspect of this conference, The Professional Formation of Teachers Working Group focused on the historical evolution of conceptions of the various forms of knowledge and skills for mathematics teaching practice, and the role of ICMI in this domain. The group, led by Dr. Deborah Lowenberg Ball, and Dr. Barbro Grevholm, examined how the standing of the teacher as a professional has evolved over time. An emergent topic of inquiry raised in this working group was the role of the mathematics teacher educator. Although there is a robust volume of scholarship pertaining to the education of mathematics teachers, there is relative less known about the experiences of the mathematics teacher educator. The collaborators in this research represent different regions: Italy (Europe), Canada (North America), and the United States of America (North America)/New Zealand. The collective study will serve to compare the role of teacher educators across these settings, as well as addressing the questions raised by Ball and Grevholm related to mathematics teacher educator knowledge, approaches to effective mathematics teacher education, and so forth.

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