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December 4, 2016
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Economic Impact Study on PSE in Brantford shows bright prospects!

Mar 20/12

The recent Economic Impact Study on Post-Secondary Education in Brantford was commissioned by the Grand Valley Educational Society (GVES) and the PSE Advisory Committee to follow up on the 2005 Benchmarking study. It quantifies what the Laurier community has always believed post-secondary education, including Laurier, Nipissing and Mohawk, have had a positive impact on the community economically, socially and physically. The study revealed that actual economic impacts are as high as 20% greater than projected in the 2005 study, with an economic impact of $43.33 - $58.5 million annually or $216 - $292 million over the last five years.

From a financial impact perspective, the study shows that students attending post-secondary institutions will spend approximately $26.8 million locally on an annual basis for such items as accommodation, transportation, food, clothing and entertainment, or $6,033 per student, while estimated construction and renovation costs over the next five years  will support a temporary increase in income up to $110.2 million, or a 5 year average of 227 jobs and the impact of those visiting the campuses is estimated to be $586,000 annually.

For more information about the report, including an executive summary and/or the full report, please see:

For access to a pdf of the Executive Summary, please see:

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