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December 10, 2016
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Dave Prang
Dave Prang


Development & Alumni Relations

Alumni Profile - Dave Prang

Feb 8/12

Q &A with Dave Prang

The name may ring a bell, and with good reason. Many of you will remember Dave from your time on campus. Since he first started at Laurier Brantford in 2003 as Crisis Manager Residential Services, Dave has moved through many roles including Residence Life Coordinator, Manager of Residential Services, Director of Campus Operations, and is currently the Director of Student Affairs.

Born and raised in Brantford, Dave attended Brantford Collegiate Institute, before going to the Waterloo campus of  Wilfrid Laurier University,  where he graduated with a degree in Political Science with the Administration Option. He was happy to return to Brantford where he and his partner Sarah have been married and lived for the past 5 years. Dave is a golf enthusiast, he assists with the annual staff/faculty golf tournament (now called the Golf N' Grub), and our Laurier Classic Golf Tournament. In addition to golf, Dave also enjoys squash, fitness, tennis, and basketball, loves shinny hockey and running with his Springer Spaniel, Maggie.

What do you feel has been the most significant development for Laurier Brantford over the last 5 years?
The completion of the Heritage Block, with the addition of RAC East and West, and our courtyard, has really provided a sense of "campus feel" that many said has been missing from university life.

What do you predict it will be over the next 5years?
The addition of our Laurier/YMCA Athletics Complex will definitely have the most impact on campus life in the next five years, followed closely by the proposed library/learning commons space and additional residence space, including food services.

What do you see as the long term goal for this institution/what values do you feel underlie this mission?
Laurier Brantford's long term goals are unique: creating a post-secondary institution in an existing downtown, which serves as both a destination university, and a local university, in partnership with other post-secondary institutions and the municipalities surrounding it. One of our core values has always been unique partnerships.

What are your personal goals for working with this institution?
Creating the best possible student experience with the tools and resources we have, and developing the best "Town and Gown" relationship in North America. 

What new research/initiatives would you like to see pursued in the future?
We must grow the diversity of our academic programming to grow our campus. Science, business, and other programs that have a traditional academic focus as well as a direct link to careers, while having opportunities for experiential and co-curricular learning like co-op or practicums, will be popular and help us carve out a niche in Ontario as a smaller university campus with a diverse, student-centered focus.

How do you see Laurier Brantford improving as we move forward and what shape do you think this vision will take?
Laurier Brantford will continue to change each year; indeed, it is the constant we look forward to. We will have challenges managing change and growing within the established downtown core, but will create a unique integrated university experience that draws the best of the Laurier culture, within the unique geographically context of downtown Brantford.

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