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December 10, 2016
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Dave Inglis wins $25,000 at the Ontario Centres of Excellence start-up competition

Co-Founder of Concussion Toolbox Inc.

Lazaridis School of Business & Economics

May 25/12


Steve Farlow, Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship -

Emerging from Laurier’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator, the Concussion Toolbox - a start-up co-founded by recent graduate Dave Inglis - was named winner of a prestigious business plan competition run by the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) at the annual Discovery Conference on May 14-15, 2012 in Toronto. A $25,000 prize was awarded to help launch the new venture.

Co-founded by Dave Inglis and Dr. Michael Cinelli, Assistant Professor: Kinesiology & Physical Education, the Concussion Toolbox is a mobile application that delivers technology-driven baseline assessment of athletes at risk of a concussion and aggregates industry test results into an athlete profile to enable therapists to make an evidence-based return to play decision.

Dave developed the start-up through Laurier’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator course in the Winter 2012 term. First offered in 2005, the course takes entrepreneurship education to the next level by integrating a structured venture launch process into the curriculum. Delivered by the Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Communitech Hub, the course is offered to undergraduate and MBA students by application only. 

“Working alongside Dr. Michael Cinelli as a member of Laurier’s Kinesiology research community was the catalyst for me developing a passion for innovating in the area of concussion management, and created the foundation for the concept I brought into Laurier’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator,” said Dave. “I was able to leverage the launch process, mentorship, and professional services offered through the course to prove my concept, survey potential customers and the market, and ultimately build a strong plan for the venture. I also developed the confidence and skills to pitch the start-up to investors and potential partners to raise funding.  Now that I have graduated and am pursuing my venture full time, I can tell you that Laurier’s Entrepreneur Accelerator has provided me with invaluable knowledge, skills and experience that are transferable to any endeavor I may pursue in the future.  I’m extremely excited to continue turning my idea into a real enterprise.”

Dave Inglis and Matthew Reid, a fellow Kinesiology student who recently joined the Concussion Toolbox, worked together to submit a business plan in late March to represent Laurier in OCE’s Experiential Learning Competition.  Dave then presented the business opportunity at OCE’s Discovery Conference last week, where the start-up was one of three winning ventures out of eight finalist teams from post-secondary institutions across Ontario. The winners were selected by a panel of experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists based on the potential of the venture as outlined in a written business plan and presentation.

“Dave, with his science background is a great example of us delivering on our mission to ensure that every student at Laurier has the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship,” says Steve Farlow, Executive Director: Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship. “Innovation and entrepreneurship are vital to society today and as such Laurier students must develop the knowledge and skills to turn new ideas into the great enterprises of tomorrow.” 

The Entrepreneurship Accelerator is partly funded by the Ontario Centres of Excellence's (OCE) Experiential Learning Program (ELP) which supports Ontario post-secondary institutions to manage and grow established project- and experience-based programs for young entrepreneurs that will accelerate and further enhance the quality of new ventures and industry collaborations arising from Ontario academic institutions. Students benefit from hands-on management, education, technical and vital business support services, networking resources, and financial advice. 

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