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December 10, 2016
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Spring/Summer/Intersession: Year 3 General & Year 4 Honours Students

Important Information

Jan 21/09


Sara Neziol

If you are currently in Year 3 as a General student or in Year 4 as an Honours or General student and plan on taking Spring/Summer/Intersession courses, you must complete an online form in order to add courses on February 1.  You can view your program on LORIS if you are unsure if you are Honours or General. 

Please click here for the form.  Please allow 4-5 business days for processing.

Helpful hints for the form:

1.  Indicate in the comment box that you are in the BA/BEd program.

2.  Indicate your major as either Honours CT or General CT.  If you are pursuing more than one major, be sure to indicate those as well on the form.

3.  If you are currently a General CT student in year 3, please indicate your "year requested for term" as Year 3.  Although you have been here for four years, year 3 is the highest year that a General student can obtain.  Honours students are eligible for year 4 status.

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